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Trade Promotion Management - TPM

Question: What is Closed-Loop TPM?

Short Answer: The ability to manage all aspects of a trade promotion, from start to finish, in one tool that is tightly linked to all of your financial systems.

Closed-loop TPM software
Closed-loop TPM software must manage all aspects of a trade promotion event, from start to finish.

Many TPM packages are not truly closed-loop systems. Information entered or processed by one module is not used or available in other modules. Make sure that all of the modules of your TPM software are tightly integrated for the complete life-cycle of a trade promotion event, including planning, budgeting, payments, deduction resolution, and post-promotion analysis. Make sure the life-cycle includes all of your internal data such as shipments, cost-of-goods, actual trade spending, etc. It should also integrate syndicated data from A.C. Nielsen and IRI along with retailer specific POS data.

All of your internal financial systems must also be in the loop:

If your internal systems are not electronically AND automatically linked to your trade promotion system, your trade promotion management system is not truly closed-loop.
Closed-loop TPM by definition must be tightly integrated with all of your systems, including your ERP's invoicing, A/R, A/P, G/L, and supporting tables.


  In addition, TPM must be linked to other systems such as forecasting and supply-chain packages. TPM must also pull in data from third-party sources such as A.C. Nielsen, IRI, and individual retailer's POS data. Data flows must be automated both directions, both into and out-of your closed-loop TPM software.

Our Configuration Module links to virtually all ERP packages with out the use of any customized code. It also empowers you to easily reconfigure the Account Review software to ever changing ERP packages and business rules without customized-software code. The result is a true closed-loop system that easily adapts to version upgrades and updates to your internal systems.

True closed-loop TPM eliminates redundant work:

Most TPM vendors do not offer true closed-loop systems. Clients must perform duplicate data entry to master files and other tables. These un-necessary activities create potential data entry errors, synchronization issues, and time delays. Data 'owned' and created in any of your internal systems must seamlessly flow into your TPM software. Likewise, any data owned and created in your TPM software must seamlessly flow into all of the other systems requiring the data.

Account Review™ TPM is a true closed-loop system, where changes in your customer master, product master, and other sources automatically and electronically flow from your ERP system into Account Review. This is the best way for any TPM system to handle new customers, new products, geographic realignments, and other day-to-day changes in your financial systems. Data also flows the other way. Any data element from any field in any data table within Account Review™ TPM can be linked and/or exported into all of your internal systems for true closed-loop TPM.

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